What is the SCOAP-Profile?

Measuring Core Human Needs

The SCOAP-Profile measures the five core human needs in the workplace. This highlights what individual personal drivers are and how they relate to each other. The advanced reports breaks these down into 30 separate dimensions giving a clear overview of where individual needs lie. Team reports will give an overview of this in teams. The same applies to organisations of any size.



Measuring Human Motivation

The SCOAP-Profile also measures motivation along two dimensions which highlights motivational value of each need. The two motivational types give rise to three potential motivational patterns. These will influence how you engage in fulfilling or protecting the core human needs. This is also important for team reports and organisational analysis.



Measuring Fulfilment Gaps and Pain Points

The SCOAP-Profile accurately pinpoints in which areas there is a lack of individual fulfilment. It will also highlight the pain points and on precisely which dimension. This is particularly important for team reports as this provides a clear basis for interventions which will immediately increase motivation and performance.




What can Neuroscience do for Business?

Brain science enables us to look at brain activation patterns and then draw solid and concrete patterns for effective leadership. For example, we know how to counter fear, how to drive engagement and how to measure brain chemicals through questionnaires.


Neuroscience makes the science of leadership measurable and more effective. This also connects concepts of emotional leadership and points to when it will not be effective. This can be particularly effectively used in leadership situations such as:
change, creativity and innovation, culture change, transformation, crises.


We have co-developed the SCOAP Theory of human behaviour which measures engagement, performance and highlights the most effective, powerful and personal leadership interventions. A powerful organisational development tool.